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Welcome to the new world of Flashmag

Welcome to Flashmag an exciting new concept that will give you and your company an edge in your market. We would like to show you the endless possibilities of a “live” online communication system that you control and maintain whilst knowing that expert technical back up and support is always available if needed.

Flashmag has been designed by a team of innovative software experts with the intention of offering a unique and impactful presentation system. Flashmag will provide your company with a powerful communication system utilizing the latest in technology yet containing a simple but manageable online administration that allows you to keep your Flashmag constantly up to date:-

– it is live communication at a fraction of the cost of a normal advertising campaign
– get more for your advertising dollar
– focus on your target market
– maintain total control of your presentation of your brand image
– track your market penetration, mag hits and response rate to your campaign

Be a market leader in this field and gain a vital edge over your competitors in the use of this technology.

For further information and a “test” drive of this amazing system please contactus

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